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View the latest post Still going Strong

Despite the recent departure of one of our Main Tanks, we are still manageing to get good runs on the go!
immersius is still proving to be a problem for some reason and a 2nd kill is proving difficult, but Heroic Nuroshen has now taken his place...

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View the latest post Back to Basics... only harder!

With Garrosh Down we now have access to heroic content once more!

Ealier this month we did have a sneaky look at Immersius thanks to bas getting a full clear with the Nephilim, but it wasnt very sucessful and we spent 95% of the time wiping...

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View the latest post And with Time to Spare!

We did it! Garrosh Hellscream is no more! (atleast intill WoD comes out)
With only 4 people left alive, 2 of which were Mc'd we managed to kill the Final boss of the expansion in normal, and with over 30mins left before raid end!


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View the latest post Attachment(s) One last try? Sod it why not :)

What a week!

Started off with a 10boss slaughter on wednesday netting us a 2nd kill for the later bosses proving we know what we were doing with them,
then onto thursday where we decided to run normal again instead of flex, and BAM, Thok dies...
stuck in pipes before Black Fuse

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View the latest post ~And then there were 3

Over the last couple of fastastic weeks we have whittled down Garrosh's forces until only the last three remain!.
Each and every week we have managed to kill at least one new boss, and Tonight was no exception. After a few tries we pretty much sorted...

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